In/at/on (place) (3)

 In/at/on (place) (3)
√ A. In bed/at home.
√ B. At a party/at a concert.
√ C. In and at for buildings.
√ D. In and at for towns.
√ E. On a bus/in a car.

A. In bed /at home.
Можно сказать, что кто-то in bed (в кровати)/in hospital (в больнице)/in prison (в тюрьме):

— Mark isn't up yet. He's still in bed.
— Kay's mother is in the hospital.

Можно сказать, что кто-то  
at home/at work/at school/at university/at college:

— I'll be at work until 5.30 but I'll be at home all evening.
— Julia is studying chemistry at university.

Также at sea (= on a voyage). Сравните 
at sea и in the sea:

— It was a long voyage. We were at sea for 30 days.
— I love swimming in the sea.

B. At a party (на вечеринке)/at a concert (на концерте).

Обычно говорят что кто-то at an event -события (at a party (на вечеринке)/at a conference (на конференции).):
— Were there many people at the party/at the meeting?
— I saw Jack at a football match/at a concert last Saturday.

C. In and at для зданий

 In или at со зданиями. Например, you can eat in a restaurant (в ресторане)or at a restaurant. We usually say at when we say where an event takes place (for example, a concert, a film, a party, a meeting, a sports event):

— We went to a concert at the Royal Festival Hall.
— The meeting took place at the company's headquarters.
— The film I want to see is showing at the Odeon (cinema).

At the station( на сотановке)/at the airport (в аэропорту)

Говорят: at the station/at the airport:
— Don't meet me at the station. I can get a taxi.

somebody's house.(у кого-либо дома)

Говорят: at somebody's house:
— I was at Judy's house last night. or I was at Judy's last night.
Also: at the doctor's, at the hairdresser's etc.

Мы используем in когда имеем ввиду само здание:

— The rooms in Judy's house are very small. (not 'at Judy's house')
— I enjoyed the film but it was very cold in the cinema. (not 'at the cinema')

In and at for towns.

Обычно мы употребляем in с cities (городами), towns (небольшими городками) и villages(деревнями):
— Tom's parents live in Nottingham. (not 'at Nottingham')
— The Louvre is a famous art museum in Paris. (not 'at Paris')

Но at или in могут употребляться, когда мы подразумеваем место или станцию (остановку):

— Do you know if this train stops at (or in) Nottingham? (=at Nottingham station)
— We stopped at (or in) a small village on the way to London.

On a bus/in a car.

Обычно говорят on a bus (на автобусе)/on a train (на поезде)/on a plane (на самолете)/on a ship (на корабле), но  in a car ( в машине)/in a taxi (в такси):
— The bus was very full. There were too many people on it.
— George arrived in a taxi.

Мы говорим on a bicycle/on a motorcycle/on a horse:
— Mary passed me on her bicycle.

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