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1 Complete the sentences about the pictures. Use in, at or on with the words below the pictures.


  (the airport)  (a train)  (a conference)  (hospital)  (the hairdresser)  (her bicycle),(New York)  (the National Theatre)


  1. You can hire a car _at the airport._

  2. Dave is  ---.

  3. Tessa is ---.

  4. Martinis ---.

  5. Judy is ---.

  6. I saw Mary ---.

  7. We spent a few days ---.

  8. We saw a play ---.


2 Complete the sentences. Use in, at or on + one of the following:


  sea  hospital  bed  the station  the cinema  the plane  school  prison  the airport  the Sports Centre


  1. My train arrives at 11.30. Can you meet me _at the station?_

  2. I didn't feel very well when I woke up, so I stayed ---.

  3. I think I'd like to see a film. What's on --- this week?

  4. Some people are --- for crimes that they did not commit.

  5. 'What does your sister do? Has she got a job?' 'No, she's still ---.

  6. I play basketball --- on Friday evenings.

  7. A friend of mine was injured in an accident a few days ago. She's still ---.

  8. Our flight was delayed. We had to wait --- for four hours.

  9. I enjoyed the flight but the food --- wasn't very nice.

  10. Bill works on ships. He is away --- most of the time.


3 Complete these sentences with in, at or on.


  1. I didn't see you --- the party on Saturday. Where were you?

  2. It was a very slow train. It stopped --- every station.

  3. I don't know where my umbrella is. Perhaps I left it --- the bus.

  4. Shall we travel --- your car or mine?

  5. The exhibition --- the Museum of Modern Art finished on Saturday.

  6. We stayed a very nice hotel when we were --- Amsterdam.

  7. There were fifty rooms --- the hotel.

  8. Tom is ill. He wasn't --- work today. He was --- home --- bed.

  9. I wasn't in when you phoned. I was --- my sister's house.

  10. It's always too hot --- my sister's house. The heating is always on too high.

  11. I haven't seen Kate for some time. I last saw her --- Dave's wedding.

  12. Paul lives --- London. He's a student --- London University.




  2 on a train

  3 at a conference

  4 in hospital

  5 at the hairdresser/at the hairdresser's

  6 on her bicycle

  7 in New York

  8 at the National Theatre



  2 in bed

  3 What's on at the cinema

  4 in prison

  5 at school

  6 at the Sports Centre

  7 in hospital

  8 at the airport

  9 on the plane

  10 at sea



  1 at  2 at  3 on

  4 in  5 at

  6 at/in a very nice hotel ... in Amsterdam

  7 in

  8 at work ... at home in bed

  9 at 

  10 in 

  11 at

  12 in London ... at London University

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